When listing your home, it becomes our passion and primary focus.
We spend time analyzing your best strategy, pricing and marketing.

We are more flexible than the competition.

  • You can cancel your listing at any time with no obligation.
  • If you find a buyer for your home while listed, (for example, a neighbor or friend) we will handle the entire transaction for 3%.
  • We have paid for hotels, housekeepers, roofers, repair contractors, attorneys and insurance companies to save a transaction. We go beyond the competition.

Huge commission savings! We will save you an incredible $5,000-$30,000 compared to other companies with no loss in quality or ability to sell your home. Ask us to explain.

  • We are the only REALTORSĀ® (at no extra cost) that will coordinate all your home needs for marketing; clean-up, landscaping, painting, appliances, window coverings, flooring, roofing, etc. We know the best contractors and sources for anything to do with housing. We have never accepted a referral fee from any contractor. No one matches this service.
  • We possess an incredible knowledge of values and market conditions. What do we mean? We know accurately what your home will sell for and how long it will take. Want proof? Pick any ten houses in Sedona represented by a REALTORĀ® ; we will tell you why it has not sold when it will sell, and at what price. Follow our predictions, and you will see our accuracy. Our years of experience through numerous economic cycles and owning more than 425 properties, makes us very sensitive to values and timing.
  • We will recommend shrewd and innovative marketing techniques that will actually sell your home.
  • You will notice most of our ideas and programs are nowhere to be found on other websites.