We represent you to the ultimate!
We physically view more properties than the competition.

  • We know, from experience, what is the best investment. We have owned, remodeled and built more houses than our competitors combined!!
  • We are masters at helping you upgrade your home purchase. Free of charge, we offer professional remodeling advice. We know and will recommend quality local contractors.  We know what to do and how to do it while providing you with the greatest savings. This is especially helpful if you are located out of town.
  • We provide detailed financial advice. We are in direct contact with the area's top quality lenders who will provide more options to you. We explain trades, seller carry backs, foreclosures, auctions,1031 Sales...and what they all mean.
  • If you buy an investment property and wish to resell it, after a remodel, our listing commission to you is 2% with 2.5% to the selling agent, for a total of 4.5%.
  • Uncompromised rental advice will be available to you. Our office staff has owned over 500 rental properties in the last 52 years. Approximately 120 of them have been in Sedona. We know the rental market and what to expect from rents and tenants. We know exactly what your home will rent for..
  • Hire a buyer’s agent who knows the market in detail.  We are the innovators and creators of Sedona’s best buys.
  • We represent service, integrity and experience.